Jade Harmony Yoga Mats, Famous for Its Comfort and Slip-Resistance Features

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Yoga has now become world famous health improvement technique. People are learning and practicing it to improve fitness and avoid the risks of diseases. Of course, it is the most cost-effective way of improving fitness. It prevents your expenses of the gym and other sorts’ fitness classes. Just buy a top-rated yoga mat and practice yoga at home. We said top rated yoga mat because many brands are providing yogis with poor quality and low-class material yoga mats. You need yoga mats to maintain comfort during the yoga sessions and prevent the chances of slipping on the floor. Jad Yoga is a famous brand that produces yoga mats prepared from natural material. You can check jade harmony yoga mat review to verify the facts.

How Jade Harmony yoga mat is better than other yoga mats?

Anything gets good response from the buyers for its features. You can check yoga mat reviews online and compare other yoga mats with Jade Harmony. Jade Harmony will seem better because its features are more impressive than other mats. Jade Yoga has used all-natural and renewable rubber to produce this yoga mat. There is no synthetic material used for manufacturing this Jade Harmony mats. Its open-cell rubber construction provides a slip-resistance surface for yoga practice. Neither will you slip over the mat nor the mat on the floor. It remains stable during the whole yoga session

The natural rubber is famous for its slip resistance properties. Natural rubber yoga mats are the best for yoga practice and in-house exercises. Experts have tried such kind of yoga mats and they have praised the features of Jade Yoga’s yoga mats. You get 3/16” thick yoga mats. 3/16” thickness is the best for incredible comfort and rolling the natural rubber made yoga mats. These mats weigh only 4.8lbs and that’s why these mats are easy to carry anywhere you want.

Available in different colors and sizes:

The user gets many choices in the color and the size of the Jade Harmony mats. You can buy this yoga mat in a variety of lengths. The width of the mats would be 24”, 68”, 71” and 74”. Jade Yoga has built this yoga mat for a variety of demands. You can use it for yoga and several other floor exercises, which people usually practice to attain better fitness. This yoga mat can be available in various different colors like Jade Teal, Black, Jade Saffron, Key Lime, Jade Pink, Midnight Blue, Orchid, Olive Green, Raspberry, Purple, Slate Blue, Sedona Red, Tibetan Orange and many others. Finding a yoga mat is such a variety of colors and sizes would be a difficult task, but you can find them at the Yoga Mats 4U. Click here at http://hubpages.com/health/the-physical--mental-and-spiritual-benefits-of-yoga to learn more about yoga right now.

Jade Yoga is one of the oldest yoga mat producing companies. This company has been working since the dawn of yoga in the western countries. This company has developed and old all sorts’ yoga mats and now it is providing eco-friendly yoga mats to improve your yoga practice. You can go online and buy Jade Harmony mats now at very cost-effective prices.

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